I lost it at “Orange Peanut”…..Classic.

For ANT!! He WILL totally “get it”. Plus we like the movie so fucking much. I laughed out loud. That is good enough for me.

DAYUM!!!!!!  Fucking. Awesome……

This dude basically SAYS what EVERYONE thinks as they eat whatever is their favorite food..or FUCK it..ANY good food. (Fatman inside all of us.).

I hope it starts a national trend. Soon people will be out and you KNOW they will express good food this way…DAYUM!!

The remix here is classic and perfect, gets better and better as it goes along. For enjoyment GO find original video and watch dudes reviews. Some are Hilarious.God bless him and FUCK him for thinking of such a SIMPLE idea …and making money/name off it! (I mean HOW hard is it to go around and EAT all types of food and then post while doing it? BRILLIANT!)

Anyway..THIS video probably goes in my top 10 hall of fame now. I cannot take any credit for it though..BIG thanks to my BRO for showing it to me!

Okay..I am gonna go watch it and laugh again..plus sing along.

I will NEVER eat good food again the SAME…

WORD!! (Thanks again and props to ANT!!) THIS SHIT IS CHRISTMAS!!! Let season begin!! I want this as OFFICIAL Christmas “classic song” now!!

DAMN! Funny! I could not stop laughing. When they talk about pissing contest I LOST it. I am SURE this was fake or made for INTERNAL purposes at company back in the day. But who cares? Got me laughing! Enjoy!

Cool. I get to be political too? Hmmmm…

WOW! For TRUE fans! Damn. Normally I do not like posting shit like this because it usually SUCKS or gets crappy after 30 seconds..BUT THIS..just gets better and better. Like I said, if you were a fan of the original film..This is perfect comedy. If not..FUCK you. Or if you do not even KNOW WHAT film this parody is based off of..DOUBLE FUCK YOU!! STOP making me feel OLD!!

Just because. I actually LOVE this song. (Movie? Not so much.) But the random shit they put in here made me laugh and that is all that matters.

AWESOME! I am late on this, but ANT is DA MAN!! This shit made my week. I was laughing so hard, I think I cried a little!  As it goes along just gets better and better! FUCKING A!