Need a quick laugh? This is just a TASTE of this dudes YouTube channel! “TRUE FACTS about ..” Shit is funny as hell and other episodes had me dying. Like Pringles chips, hard to stop just at one! Lost plenty of constructive time watching this.  Enjoy. Thanks to my BRO for tipping me off to this series and the “AYE AYE…or Sea Pig" I DARE you NOT to laugh!

HOLY JESUS!!! This is GREAT and ANT will 100% KNOW this pain! Watch it all and enjoy! Know why IT, Programmers, hell, fuck it, anyone with common SENSE winces in pain at the idea of “meetings”.

Major Props to S-Boogie for showing me this. Made my fucking day,

AWESOME! I WISH real work place videos could be THIS good! Stick with it…”POWER FUCK!”…CLASSIC.

Nice. (Props to my bro for showing this to me.) SAD part is those first couple of dance moves? (Cabbage Patch, Whop, Running man, Break Dance, etc…) Are probably ONLY dance moves I KNOW and can DO now. Fuck. Getting old sucks.

Hey “S-Boogie”! ONLY reason I post this, besides getting a mild laugh, is that the argument  reminds me of you!Totally see you saying this ,either calmly or in absolute rant. Fits your logic to a “T”…

Worst. Love. Song. Ever. But damn I cannot stop watching or LAUGHING my ass off at it.  There are just SO many things WRONG with this song and video. I DARE you to watch it all the way through and NOT (a) Laugh/cry uncontrollably, or (B) Feel your brain cells dying.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the “DANCING"…..